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Artists In Residence (AIR) is inviting aspiring and prominent artists from around the world to Vancouver to pursue their artistic endeavors, providing participants new opportunities for cultural productivity and intercultural exchange. Bringing people of various backgrounds together, we aim to provide artists, writers, curators, scholars, and other cultural producers a stimulating environment for critical reflection, artistic development and intercultural communication. With accommodation sponsored by Vancouver Arts House, participants will come to be inspired by our beautiful nature, explore the local arts scene and collaborate with local artists.  

How AIR works

Select candidates will be offered sponsored shared accommodation at Vancouver Arts House  , private guest suite at City Condo private guest suite, or at another one of Premier Accommodation's premier suite, and may also be offered the following additional arrangements:

  • exhibition space provided by

  • opportunities to participate in a legacy local arts projects and/or connect or collaborate with local artists in an area relevant to their artistic endeavor

In return, each resident artist proactively pursues a personal creative project, while sharing their process, insights and inspiration with our community along the way. AIR is a self directed arts program for passionate artists, who are able to set their own goals and work independently. The artist selected for the residency will be one who displays knowledge and interest about their own chosen art discipline, and who is actively interested in sharing their insights, experiences, work and practice. As part of the program the resident will also be invited to create and donate an artwork to the host organization to commemorate the residency leaving behind a legacy that aims to serve as an inspiration for other aspiring artists and the art community in general.

Karl - Singer

Leo - Animator

Zhen Guo - Painter

About the Residences:

Please click on the picture or link to see more details about the different locations:

Vancouver Arts House ​ 


private room in shared house

Cambie Oakridge area, Canada Line Oakridge skytrain station.


City Condo Private Guest Suite


private guest suite in a downtown building

downtown Vancouver, Canada Line City Centre skytrain station.



private room in shared condo

Yaletown Vancouver, Canada Line Roundhouse skytrain station.

The AIR program is developed by Premier Accommodation in close collaboration (an innovative mobile arts exhibition programme in the Vancouver's city centre), Premium Digital Films Corporation, and a number of prominent arts groups and artists in town.

Ready to apply?

Contact us by email ( to ) or use the form below. Please include in your application the following:

  • A comprehensive letter of interest outlining your background in art and culture making, and your interest in Vancouver as a city

  • An art project proposal to be realized during your stay

  • Current CV

  • A few examples of your work (images, videos, texts) or a link to your website

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