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 Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Bedding included?

We do not currently offer beddings in any of our listings, even for suites where we provide beds and mattresses. 

Why do I have to pay more if I don’t stay for at least a year?

In Canada, most landlords requires a minimum of one year for rental since the re-renting costs, management costs, and vacancy costs related to short term tenancies are high.

Long term, stable tenancies simply cost less, and this cost saving is passed onto the tenants. Short term tenancies are more comparable to hotels and service apartments, with the price tag to match.

What if I cannot stay for the entire year?

Sublease agreement may be an option, so as long as you can find good subtenants to move in. If you must leave the country, special consideration may be possible for assignment of lease to a new tenant.


If you wish to leave before the end of the fixed term agreement, you should actively seek out new prospects for the landlord to review.

I can pay the price, can I apply for a lease that’s shorter than one year?

​When there are competing applications, long term rental applications are always preferred over short term rental applications. The longer the rental application, the more likely it will be considered and accepted (holding everything constant), and the better is the monthly rental rates.

How do I maximize my chances for a rental application to be accepted?

When making the rental application, please consider applying for the longest rental term possible, starting as soon as possible or as soon as the listing becomes available. Longer term rental applications and applications that can start sooner will be preferred over other applications, especially if the listing is available immediately.

What if I don't have a cheque book?

First, to clarify, while the first rent payment is to be paid by cash, all subsequent rent payment must be paid with post-dated cheques. It is our requirement that these cheques be submitted prior to moving in. This will be one of the conditions that we base our acceptance of your rental application on. Post-dated cheques is a requirement that we do not waive under any circumstances.

In the case that you do not have a cheque book yet, given that it takes some time for some banks to issue cheques, you may apply to have the submission of cheques be postponed to no later than one month after move in by paying at least three month's rent in advance in cash or bank draft at or before moving in.

If you need assistance acquiring or using cheques, please contact our representative.

For Leases in the Summer Months

For leases of less than one year length that includes the month of June, July and August, the rental rate of those three months are 130% of the applicable Short-Term Rates.

For Leases of Less than One Year

Premier Accommodation focus on long term tenancies. In special cases where the Landlord agrees to sign a shorter lease, the following mid term rates applies. Note that agreement to a term less than one year is not guaranteed and may be limited by other factors, such as strata bylaws. 

The monthly rate is 1.2 times the Long Term Monthly Rental Rates if the proposed rental duration is 6 months or more, but less than one year;

The monthly rate is 1.4 times the Long Term Monthly Rental Rates if the proposed rental duration is 3 months or more, but less than six months;

The monthly rate is 1.6 times the Long Term Monthly Rental Rates if the proposed rental duration is 2 months or more, but less than 3 months;

All Rentals must be 31 days or more.

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