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Talent in Residence

Without Life's Constrains—

What Will You Create?


Free or Discounted Housing for Talents in Residence

With a home sponsored by Premier Accommodation, you have a place in one of the world's best city to live in. We can help you get established with the basics in the city, while you focus on realizing your dream. Be prepared to leave your current life behind, for we are opening the door to a whole new world for you.

Pictured: Vancouver Arts House


You are Invited


Join a team that is passionate about hospitality and personal growth. No matter what your talent is, we want you to put them to good useWe are artists, whizzes, people who dream big. We can fix the world, by building a community where people can be free to let their pride and imagination run wild. This is a safe harbour where you can mend your sails and prime your mast. Come and live as you are, so that you may inspire those who remained silent.


Past and Current Talents


HK, China / Vancouver









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Ready to Introduce Yourself?

Tell us about you, and your plans. Start by sending an email to the address on your invitation card. The life of your dream awaits.

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